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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

November 2018 Meeting Minutes

White Lick Home Owners Association Board Meeting Minutes November 14, 2018
Plainfield Public Library

Board members in attendance: Diana Laybold, Tom Lee, Susan Chestnut PSG staff in attendance: Larry Edwards, Susan Keene
  • The meeting was called to order.
  • Susan Keene gave the financial report
  • Tom gave updates from the annual meeting. It was determined that the residents would
    o More transparency from the board
    o Breakdown information regarding costs & price quotes when requested o Better communication from the board.
    o Minutes from the meeting posted on the website
  • Chimneys were discussed. Four have been completed this year with one left to be completed. If weather permits, the last chimney will be done, if not, the funds will go to purchase four new garage doors for residents who need them. Chimney replacement is just over half way done.
  • Officers were elected for next year: o President: Stu Mason
    o Vice President: Diana Laybold
    o Secretary: Susan Chestnut
    o Building & Grounds: (Winter Tom Lee, Summer Derry Schrock)
  • Diana asked for volunteers for the Architectural Committee & the Social Committee Susan Chestnut volunteered to serve on either or both, whichever is necessary.
  • The board looked at price quotes from: o 7 mowing companies
    o 4 leaf removal companies
    o 5 snow removal companies
  • The board narrowed mowing down to two companies (Berger Hargis Landscape & JC
    Lawncare) but tabled the decision until more information is available as to whether they
    will use push mowers between the housing units & on the smaller front yards.
  • The board narrowed the leaf removal down to one company (Berger Hargis Landscape)
    but is asking for more information about whether they would be willing to come back for a 2nd round if necessary & how much that would cost. (Not all trees have lost their leaves for the 1st pick up, so a 2nd pick up might be necessary, weather permitting).
  • After comparing snow removal bids & what the fee covers, the board unanimously voted to continue using PSG Services.
  • Diana proposed that we start distributing a quarterly newsletter to residents. There was discussion about what would be included in the 1st newsletter.
  • There will be no December meeting. The next meeting will be on January 9, 2019.
  • The meeting was adjourned.
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