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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

October 2018 Annual Meeting

White Lick Home Owners Association Meeting Minutes October Annual Meeting
October 16, 2018
Plainfield Public Library

Board members in attendance: Stu Mason, Derry Schrock, Tom Lee PSG staff in attendance: Larry Edwards, Susan Keene
  • The meeting was called to order.
  • Susan Keene gave the financial report
  • Several residents had complaints regarding the performance & the cost of:
    o Snow removal
    o Leaf pick-up
    o Mowing
    o Seeding of the grounds
    o Location of the monthly meetings
  • Residents requested the board look at bids from several companies for next year regarding the above services and from other property services management companies.
  • Residents inquired about the chimney replacements & the cost associated with that.
  • Diana Laybold was reelected to the board & Susan Chestnut was elected to the board.
    (both offices were uncontested).
  • The board announced that the monthly fee of $165 will remain the same next year.
  • The board announced a $1.00 per unit per month raise was budgeted for Property
    Services Group, as they had not had a raise in several years.
  • The next meeting was announced for Nov. 5th. They are normally held on the 2nd Wed.
    of the month, but this one was moved due to Derry Shrock leaving town on the 7th. All meetings will now be held at the Plainfield Public Library. The meetings start at 4:30. Residents are welcome to attend, but if they wish to speak about a subject, the board asks that they let them know so the resident can be placed on the agenda. Once the board goes into executive session, any guests will be asked to leave as confidential financial information will be discussed.
  • The meeting was adjourned.
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