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Monday, May 6, 2019

April 2019 Board Minutes

White Lick Home Owners Association Board Meeting Minutes
April 10, 2019
Plainfield Public Library

Board members in attendance: Stu Mason, Susan Chestnut, Diana Laybold
Property Service Management Group staff in attendance:  Susan Keene, Larry Edwards
Two residents in attendance.

The meeting began @ 4:37.

March minutes were approved via e-mail.

Financial Report:
Susan Keene went over the March Finance report.  
March financials were approved.

Architectural Committee:
There was nothing to report.

Social Committee:
·       Diana reported that six additional residents have shown interest in the annual garage sale, making a total of eight.  The board agreed to purchase a sign for the event at a cost of $70.  The yard sale will be held Saturday,  June 1st.
·       Diana will send out a newsletter regarding the garage sale.  Susan C. asked that Diana include information in the newsletter about responsible recycling so residents know what is allowed and not allowed in the orange recycle bins.

Residents comments:
·       Susan K. report that a resident had contacted PSG upset that mowing had not started yet.  The mowers are set to begin sometime during the week of April 15th.
·       Jim O’Connor asked Larry Edwards for the plat paperwork with regard to the driveways & sidewalks.  Larry is to get that information to Jim.
·       Jim also asked about putting flowers at the entrance.  Diana will get a list of appropriate flowers to Jim so he can purchase them.  Diana volunteered to plant the flowers & Jim will water them.  This whole process had been done in the past by Phyllis Schrock.  Thank you Phyllis!

Old Business:
·       Stu asked Susan K. if we had heard back from the insurance company who showed interest in submitting a bid.  Susan K. had not heard back from them yet.
·       Susan C. inquired as to the tree removal and if that process is any further along.  Another resident has requested a tree removed since last month, so we now have three tree issues to address.  Larry E. will check with the tree service provider.

New Business:
·       There was no new business.

The meeting ended at 5:31.

The next meeting will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8th at the Plainfield Library.

Chestnut via e-mail: 4/12/19
Laybold via e-mail: 4/14/19
Mason via e-mail: 5/6/19

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

March 2019 Board Minutes

White Lick Home Owners Association Board Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2019
Plainfield Public Library

Board members in attendance: Stu Mason, Susan Chestnut
Property Service Management Group staff in attendance:  Susan Keene, Larry Edwards
Three residents in attendance.


The meeting began @ 4:35.

February minutes were approved via e-mail.

Financial Report:
Susan Keene went over the February Finance report.  Due to a few errors in the report, new copies will be made and e-mailed to the board.  The board will approve the financials via email.

Residents comments:
·       Jim O’Connor asked the board about the property lines (survey markers) on the West side of the property.  It was the consensus of the group that the HOA owns to the crest of the hillside and should care for the area.  If trees limbs are touching the units or causing distress to the structures, then the HOA should take care of the issue.  If not a structural issue, the feeling was that the home owner would be responsible for the trees with regard to trimming, removal, etc.  
·       Jim O’Connor inquired about the snow removal process & budget of last year.  He mentioned that he shoveled several drives & wondered about the cost.  It was explained that we pay a set fee for shoveling no matter how many drives are done.  It is nice that he assists his neighbors, but it does not cut down our fee. 
·       Jim also wanted to know why we waited so long to start the shoveling process.  It was explained that we wait to be certain the snowfall has completely stopped.  The board is in communication with each other & PSG during the event to determine the most opportune time.  If we have the snow shoveled before the end of the event, it could mean we would incur removing the snow twice, thus doubling the fee paid.
·       Jim inquired about his desire to replace his existing windows with vinyl windows at his own expense.  In doing so, did he need to get permission?  The board said he did not need permission.    
·       This question prompted Susan C. to inquire as to why we are replacing current windows with wood framed windows rather than installing new vinyl windows that would not need to be painted.  On that same vein, inquiring about not painting the new vinyl garage doors.  This is a subject the board will discuss further at a future meeting.
·       Susan C. presented two questions from a resident: 
o   Will PSG be repairing the lawn damage that resulted from the snow shoveling?  Yes, PSG will replace the dirt & put down seed at no charge to the HOA.
o   Does our HOA provide PSG with a 1099 for tax purposes?  No, we do not.  Susan K. explained that at the present time, PSG would have to provide the 1099 to themselves.  The HOA would have to employ an accountant to provide those 1099’s to PSG & to the rest of the contractors that provide services to White Lick.  PSG & the other contractors should be claiming the income on their taxes.

Old Business:

·       The process of moving HOA funds to an account that would garner a larger interest rate had to be tabled.  Susan K. tried to move the funds (which is done via the internet) and it would not allow her to create an account for an HOA.  The board will continue to look for ways to invest the funds to receive a better interest rate.

New Business:
·       PSG is working with Wolf Tree Service to remove a stump at 220 Andrews and trimming or removing a tree at 224 Andrews, both per the homeowner’s request.  The stump at 220 has caused the side walk to rise, creating a safety hazard.
·       Larry Edwards has surveyed the units and created the chimney repair list for the year.  The Board will ask Derry Schrock to check the list as well.
·       Susan C. suggested that we research the possibility of mulching the leaves in the fall rather than/along with blowing them to the curb.  This could allow us to take care of those leaves behind the West units and hopefully alleviate the leaf issue of the late pear trees.  This idea will be discussed with the Board at a future meeting.

The meeting ended at 5:43.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, April 10th at the Plainfield Library.

Chestnut 3/16/19 via e-mail
Mason, 4/1/19 Via e-mail

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

February 2019 Board Minutes

White Lick Home Owners Association Board Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2019
Plainfield Public Library

Board members in attendance: Stu Mason, Diana Laybold, Susan Chestnut, Tom Lee
Property Service Management Group staff in attendance:  Susan Keene, Larry Edwards
Four residents in attendance.

Meeting was called to order at 4:32 PM by Stu Mason.

January minutes were approved via e-mail.

Financial Report:
Susan Keene went over the January Finance report & reported that Indiana Farmer’s insurance has requested to submit a bid for White Lick Coverage.
·       Susan Chestnut questioned Larry Edwards about the labor charges for installation of one window at 205 Andrews, as charges were not broken down on the invoice.  She also requested to see the price breakdown of the windows.  Larry E. is to get this information for her. 

·       Larry E. updated on the issue of providing ice melt to residents.   He said many residents request ice melt while they are removing the snow, so he provides it to them at no charge to the HOA.  Susan C. requested that he show the services he provides at no charge on his invoices so the board can get the whole picture of his services and not just of those services he charges for.

·       Susan C. asked about PSG’s labor rate charges and charges from outside companies for shoveling the snow around the mailboxes.  She requested that Larry E. provide us a flat rate figure (as opposed to hourly charges) for future snow removal around the mailbox.  Tom Lee stressed that we needed to continue removing the snow & spreading ice melt at the mailboxes for our resident.  Stu Mason noted that we need to continue some of these practices as we have set the precedent and have done these in the past (i.e. snow removal at mailboxes & ice melt). 

·       Susan C. suggested that the board look at moving some of the reserve funds to an account providing a better interest rate.  Following some discussing, Diana Laybold made a motion that we move a large portion of the reserve to this account.  Tom Lee seconded the motion.  S.  Keene will handle the transfer.

Finance Report
·       Stu M. stated the financial report will stand as read noting that Susan C. did not approve the finance report due to the board not receiving itemized information.

Residents comments:
·       No residents requested to be on the agenda. 
·       Stu M. informed those attending of the attached guidelines for residents if they wish to address the board (attached at the bottom of these minutes).
·       Jim O’Connor requested to be on next month’s agenda.  He would like to discuss the property lines on the West side & the PUD.

Architecture Committee report:
·       Nothing to report.

Social Committee report:
·       Diana reported that she would like to be more vigilant when one of our neighbors/residents passes away.  She inquired about flowers, how to find out when a resident passes, etc.?  Unfortunately, we don’t often hear the news unless/until the family contacts Property Services Group.

Old Business:
Insurance coverage of our contractors.
·       Our contractor all have at least ½ million, several have one million.
·       S. Keene has contacted our #1 choice for next year.  They said they would come back for a 2nd leaf pickup but have yet to submit a quote.  Susan K. will update when she hears back.

New Business:
·       Some residents inquired as to why the sidewalks were not shoveled after the last few snow falls.  The guideline is 3” or more.  However, Stu M. suggested that this was somewhere the board might need to have some flexibility.  The board decided to deal with this on a case-by-case basis in the future.  The board will look at how much snow has fallen, the forecast for the next few days, and any other necessary factors.  They will then make the decision whether to have the walks shoveled.    
·       Stu suggested that he could become the point person for the ice melt for the residents.  Larry E. will drop off many bags of ice melt to be stored in Stu’s garage.  Residents can pick it up from Stu’s residence when they need it.
·       Tom L. offered to deliver a message to residents explaining the ice melt change & reminding residents to remove newspapers, mats at the front doors, or anything else that can hamper snow removal when snow is in the forecast.
·       Tom L.  brought attention to the driveway at 209 Andrews, which appears to be sinking.  It is cracked in several places and requires attention.
o   Larry E., Derry Schrock & Tom L. will go around the complex in the spring to make a list of the areas that need attention.  Taking that list to the contractor for a bid on cost to repair.

Motion was made to adjourn by Stu Mason
1st – Diana Laybold
2nd  - Susan Chestnut

Meeting adjourned at 5:33.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, March 13th at the Plainfield Library.

Guidelines for visitors:
1.     The board meeting is a time designated for the board and the management company to conduct the business of the community
2.     The board meeting is not a public forum for questions or discussion
3.     There are ways to communicate ideas and questions to the board, including:
a.     Engage an individual board member
b.     Contact management company office.  Comments will be brought to the meeting
c.     Call ahead of time to reserve a spot on the meeting agenda with a specified subject.  A time will be set aside for discussion on the subject.
       4.       Questions or discussion from visitors will not be entertained during the meeting.

Chestnut, Laybold & Lee, 2/15/19 via e-mail
Mason, 3/3/19 via e-mail

Monday, February 4, 2019

January 2019 Board Minutes

White Lick Home Owners Association Board Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2019
Plainfield Public Library

Board members in attendance: Stu Mason, Diana Laybold, Susan Chestnut
Property Service Management Group staff in attendance:  Susan Keene, Larry Edwards
Five residents in attendance.

Meeting was called to order at 4:33 PM by Stu Mason.

Motion made to approve October & November minutes:
1st  - Diana Laybold
2nd – Stu Mason

Financial Report:
Susan Keene went over the November & December Finance reports.  There was much discussion about several of the charges.
·       Susan Chestnut requested that the board see ALL invoice.  Susan Keene will scan and send out the Nov. & Dec. invoices.  Going forward, she will scan all invoices and copies of checks she has written and provide to the board. 

·       Four chimneys were done this year.  The 5th chimney was delayed by the Board due to winter approaching.  Susan C. requested that going forward when contracting with the masonry company for the chimneys we state the jobs must be done by Nov. 1st to insure we get the proper number done.  It was then explained that we get a cheaper rate from that company due to our willingness to be flexible and work around their schedule.

·       Susan C. inquired as to why we pay the masonry company a set amount per chimney yet we pay Property Service Group by the hour & materials?  Why do we not pay PSG a set fee as well?  Larry Edwards explained that each chimney is different and they don’t know exactly what it will require until they get into the job.

·       In lieu of the 5th chimney not being done, four garage doors were replaced at 243, 247, 264 & 281.

·       Susan C. emailed the other board members, prior to this meeting, several pictures of the neighborhood leaves that remain on the ground (all on East Drive & at the community area) and she requested one more round of cleanup.  It was determined that we have already went over budget on leaf removal for this year (2018) and we do not wish to dip into 2019’s budget, so the leaves will remain.
o   In looking at bids for next year, the Board will pursue a company who has the equipment to pick up the leaves themselves, so we are not dependent on the city schedule.
o   We are also looking at two individual pick- ups.  One probably in Nov. prior to Thanksgiving and the other in Dec. or so after all the pear trees have lost their leaves. 

·       Susan C. address the PSG charge for decorating the entrance for the holidays.  Rather than pay the PSG labor rate, she offered to provide the labor to decorate the signage herself at no charge. 

·       Susan C. questioned the charges for mailing the newsletter & coupon books (how many were mailed out?).  PSG covered the cost of the newsletter mailing error resulting in 2 individual mailings and over 60 coupon books were mailed to residents who still use this form of payment.

Motion made to approved November financial report:
1st -  Susan Chestnut
2nd  - Diana Laybold

Motion made to approve December financial report:
1st – Diana Laybold
2nd  - Stu Mason

Residents comments:
Jim O’Connor asked if we have raised our liability insurance & feels it should be raised.
·       We carry $2 million ($1 million liability & the umbrella adds another million).
·       Contractors are required to have $500,000 but most have $1 million.
·       Diana asked PSG to come back to the next board meeting with information about the level of liability insurance currently held by our contractors.

Jim also stated that the bylaws state that we pay a Certified Professional Accountant to review the books every five years.
·       Susan Keene advised the cost for a review is the cheaper option, while an actual audit would run substantially more.
·       Susan Keene explained the process of a review and what the CPA would do.
·       Stu suggested that we amend the bylaws to take this out if we were not going to be doing it every five years mainly due to budget constraints.
·       Jim asked that we let the community vote before removing it from the bylaws as he feels it should be done.   Jim said the bylaw state 67% must agree before changes can be made.  He suggested it be brought up to the residents at the next annual meeting in Oct. 2019.
·       Diana noted that if we are going to proceed with it, we will need to add it to the budget for the 2020 year.

One resident inquired why it seemed that the cost of repairs, services, etc. were not made readily available to the residents.  It was stated that the figures are not confidential and any resident can find out by visiting the PSG office or asking a Board member.

Architecture Committee report:
·       One resident had made a request to Diana Laybold to install a new storm door.  This was time sensitive as the resident saved money if purchased before the 1st of the year.  Diana saw pictures of the door and said it was like her door and those in the complex.  She telephoned Susan Chestnut (who serves on the Architectural Committee), explained the situation and the door was approved for installation.

Social Committee report:
·       Diana reported that she has had two residents express an interest in the community garage sale.  She will continue to ask for interest, but if there is not more interest, the board decided we will not purchase a road sign for the event.  The cost 2 years ago for the sign was $70.00.

·       Diana reported she is planning to have a community picnic in the fall. 

Old Business:
·       Mowing:
o   One of the companies reported they will use a push mower between the units, but did not confirm they would use them on the front lawns. 

·       We will find out what our #1 choice will charge us to come back a 2nd time for leaf pick up.  This was not included in their bid for 2019.

New Business:
·       Since we had to forgo the 2nd leaf pick up this year, residents in attendance discussed having a community day, where we join forces to rake & pick up the leaves, especially at the community area.  Nothing was finalized. 

·       Since we went over our budget on last year’s snow removal, Susan C. suggested that we stop providing and delivering ice melt to the residents and we allow the residents to purchase their own.
o    A resident asked how we went over last year with only 2 snow removals.  Susan C. elaborated that PSG did remove snow 2 times from the drives and sidewalks, but they also charge each time they shovel around the mailboxes (there are 10 boxes) and each time they deliver salt to the residents.  In addition, due to the large amounts of snowfall, PSG hired subcontractors to assist with the shoveling of the snow.
o   Stu discussed why the Board chose to provide the salt in the past because some of our residents may not be able to get the salt, etc.
o   Diana agreed we should stop the salt distribution.
o   Larry said that some of his other associations have a representative pick up the salt from the office and they distribute it, thus not having that charge.
o   No decision was made at this time.

·       The resident at 262 has requested that a tree be removed at that unit.  Diana checked into it and said the tree is very unattractive and needs to come out.  The board approved.

Motion was made to adjourn by Stu Mason
1st – Diana Laybold
2nd  - Susan Chestnut

Meeting adjourned at 5:59.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, Feb. 13th at the Plainfield Library.
Laybold & Chestnut, 1/22/19 in person
Mason, 1/26/19 via e-mail