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Thursday, August 29, 2019

August 2019 Board Minutes

White Lick Home Owners Association Board Meeting Minutes
August 14, 2019
Plainfield Public Library

Board members in attendance:  Derry Shrock, Diana Laybold, Susan Chestnut, John Schwegman
Property Service Management Group staff in attendance:  Larry Edwards, Susan Keene
Four residents in attendance.

The meeting began @ 4:31 pm

July minutes were approved via e-mail.

The meeting began with Diana addressing the residents in attendance by telling them that they would have a time to speak during the resident questions and comments, as the board wishes to hear their thoughts and concerns.  (However, a tenant should ask to be placed on the agenda at least 2 weeks in advance if they have specific issues they would like the Board to address.)  She asked for no comments through out the meeting and informed the crowd that when it was time for the Board to discuss resident issues, they would be asked to leave.

Diana also introduced our newest Board member, .  John Schwegman.  John was appointed due to Stu Mason’s resignation.  John lives at 223 Andrews E. Blvd.  John has been appointed to the Board as of August and will run for the position in October.

Diana also thanked Susan Keene for updating the resident directory for the Board.

Financial Report:
·       Susan Keene went over the July financials.  There were some issues with the Board receiving complete copies of all the receipts, etc. so financials were not approved at the meeting. Once all documentation is received and confirmed accurate, the Board will approve the financials via

Architectural Committee:
·       Susan C. reported that no architectural requests were submitted.
·       Derry questioned the process for approval of requests.  He suggested that when items are approved that are out of the ordinary (where homeowner takes responsibility for the item, for instance) their responsibility should be specified in writing, signed by the homeowner & placed in their file at the Property Services Office.  HOA should not be held accountable once the property is sold and new owners come along.
·       Derry also suggested that changes be made to the Architectural Committee process where the board is made aware of a request at the time of the request, and then again made aware of the committee’s decision. This way, the board is aware of requests & outcomes in the community.
·       The board will ask PSG to update the Architectural Request form that is online so that the form is turned into PSG in the future.  They will also update the website to show what residents serve on the Architectural Committee.

Social Committee:
·       Diana announced that the date of the Annual Meeting will be Oct. 10th.

Resident comments:
·       There was a question regarding a resident who has a privacy fence, which was approved by the Architectural Committee years ago.  Several other residents would like privacy fences. 
An Architectural Request would have to be submitted and then decided upon on a case-by-case basis, but as a general rule, privacy fences are not allowed.
·       Top soil quality was discussed.   Susan C. has been complaining about the quality of top soil that PSG is putting down to grow grass.  The group asked Larry Edwards to purchase a bit costlier top soil in the future in hopes it will not contain rocks & debris.
·       Jim O’Connor requested a copy of the plat information showing who owns the driveways & sidewalks.  Diana will get that information to him.
·       It was discovered that there are several “White Lick” covenants that residents are referencing.  Some home owners have gone to the court house and received the covenants for the Courtyards or the private home area at the north end of the street.  The board suggest that you visit PSG website (psgcondo.com) to obtain a correct copy. 
·       The three feet plant beds/resident area around the units were discussed.  The board is working to iron out the three-foot issue.  It was again noted that if a resident does not want to continue to upkeep an existing flowerbed, they can remove the border & plants.  Then ask PSG to plant it in grass seed.  The area would then become part of the yard & be maintained by the lawn care company.
·       One resident complained that Berger/Hargis has not trimmed their backyard, nor that of their neighbors for 3 weeks.  After calling PSG to report this, Berger/Hargis sent the supervisor to speak with the resident.  The supervisor assured them they would trim on the next mow cycle, but they did not.  The board asked the resident to contact PSG again.
·       One resident complained about feral cats around their property causing the area to smell.  The board suggested they could possibly spray something for it, but the HOA does not take care of this problem.
·       One resident wished to know when their chimney was due to be replaced.  The board cannot give a definite time-frame because the needs are constantly changing.  The chimney in the worst repair is replaced first and so forth.  The board’s goal is to replace five chimneys per year. 

Old Business:
·       No old business

New Business:
·       Derry made a motion to use $11,000 from the budget to replace eleven garage doors using the $5000 left in the garage door budget and taking $6000 from the chimney budget.  Susan C. 2nd the motion, Diana & John agreed.  The motion passed.

The meeting ended at 5:36 pm.

The next meeting will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 11th at the Plainfield Library.

Via e-mail: Chestnut 8/16/19, Laybold & Shrock 8/17/19, Schwegman 8/18/19

Monday, August 5, 2019

July 2019 Board Minutes

White Lick Home Owners Association Board Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2019
Plainfield Public Library

Board members in attendance:  Tom Lee, Derry Shrock, Diana Laybold, Susan Chestnut
Property Service Management Group staff in attendance:  Larry Edwards, Susan Keene
Four residents in attendance.

The meeting began @ 4:30 pm

June minutes were approved via e-mail.

Financial Report:
·       Susan Keene went over the June financials
·       Susan Chestnut questioned a few of the charges from PSG.  Larry is to look into it & get back to  her with more details

Architectural Committee:
·       Four requests were submitted to the Architectural Committee in June.  All were approved.

Social Committee:
·       Diana sadly reported that one resident has passed away.  Flowers will be sent from the community.

Resident comments:
·       Residents presented mowing concerns.
·       Residents informed the board of their concerns involving two neighbors.

Old Business:
·       No old business

New Business:
·       Diana confirmed the date of the Annual Meeting for Wed. Oct. 9th (NOTE:  Date has been changed to Thursday, Oct. 10th as the Plainfield Library did not have a room available on Oct. 9th)
·       Derry gave an update regarding his & Larry Edwards walk around the community evaluating the replacement needs of garage doors, chimneys, windows, and general appearance of the units/common areas.  They surmised that:
o   30 plus windows should be replaced
o   12 should be replaced by end of the year, if possible (6 have been done so far this year)
o   51 chimneys have been rebuilt so far, 1 left to be done this year.
·       Discussion took place about the homes who do not maintain their flower beds where weeds are present.  A resident who cannot maintain their area should have the area put back to grass so that the mowers can maintain the area.  PSG will spray weed killer where it is appropriate to maintain the aesthetics of the community.
·       Susan C. made a motion to investigate options of investing the $100,000 reserve to allow these funds to gain a better interest rate.   Tom Lee 2nds the motion.  Susan will speak with a few local banks and bring that information back to the Board.
·       Susan C. also made a motion that the board take the extra funds in our account, over the $100,000 reserve, to replace some windows, garage doors & chimneys this year.   No decision was made at this time.
·       There was a discussion about replacing windows with vinyl windows & framing rather than wood, that is currently being used, so that the exteriors of the units could eventually be maintenance free.  This would eventually alleviate the need for most painting. This will be discussed further in the future.
·       One resident has requested her tree be replaced as it was accidentally sprayed by a chemical last year and now the tree has died.  The tree will be replaced in the fall.  Derry made the motion for the HOA to cover the cost of replacement:  Tom 2nd the motion and all approved.

The meeting ended at 5:23 pm

The next meeting will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 14th at the Plainfield Library.

Chestnut & Shrock via email 7/28/19
Laybold via email 7/30/19