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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

September 2019 Board Minutes

White Lick Home Owners Association Board Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2019
Plainfield Public Library

Board members in attendance:  Derry Shrock, Diana Laybold, Susan Chestnut, John Schwegman
Property Service Management Group staff in attendance:  Larry Edwards, Susan Keene
Four residents in attendance.

The meeting began @ 4:31 pm

August minutes were approved via e-mail.

Financial Report:
·       Susan Keene went over the August financials. 
·       It was noted that funds were moved from the Chimney budget to the Garage Doors budget line as requested at the last meeting to allow for 11 garage doors to be replaced this year.  Those doors have been ordered.
·       August Financials were approved.
·       July financials were also approved.

Architectural Committee:
·       Susan Chestnut reported there were two requests submitted last month:
o   275 E. Andrews requested that the HOA remove a tree.  The request was denied on the basis that the tree is not dead.
o   277 E. Andrews requested to remove 2 trees & 2 shrubs from their back yard at their expense.  The request was approved.
·       The committee & board sent covenant violations letters to five residents.
·       Susan C. informed the group that on 9/9/19, Sheila Richardville officially stepped away from the Architectural Review Committee.  The board thanks Sheila for her many years of dedicated service!  Diana requested that Susan C. become the temporary chair of the committee.
·       The Architectural Request Form has been updated on the PSG website.  The change will allow the form to be returned to PSG rather than an individual.  The board feels this process will be more efficient.
·       Derry requested that the new form be updated even more to make it clear that if a resident adds something new, (i.e. window not done through the HOA, plants a tree not done through the HOA, etc.) the future expense to maintain and fix these items is the responsibility of the home owner. 
·       Derry suggested that we also impose a fine system for residents who install or change things without having first submitted an Architectural Request Change.  The Architectural Request Change should be turned in prior to most updates/changes, therefore, following the proper authorizing channels.  Making the change prior to approval has become an issue in the past few months and the board would like to attempt to rectify this issue.

Social Committee:
·       Diana announced that the next two board meetings will be on Oct. 9th & Nov. 13th.  Due to library availability, the Annual Meeting will be on Tuesday, October 15th from 6:30 – 8:30.

Resident comments:
·       One resident inquired about the follow-up regarding the covenant violation letters that were sent.  Who was checking to see that the residents did comply with the covenants by the imposed due date?  Susan C. was asked to follow-up and advise the board & Property Services Group if the requests were not completed by the due date so further communication with the resident could take place.
·       PSG advised that they had received two resident calls regarding pests, which the HOA does not correct:
o   One home had a snake issue.  Larry advised that the HOA does not cover such issues and gave them a place to contact for assistance.
o   One home had a bat issue.  Larry put screen on the top of the chimney flue.  Larry provided the resident with a place to contact for assistance.
·       Larry advised that the resident at 258 had a dead and diseased tree in the back yard.  Larry recommended the tree be removed.  Wolfe Tree Service provided an estimate to remove the tree & stump.  The Board approved the removal of the tree.
·       Susan C. advised PSG of another tree/shrub in the back yard of a residence that should possibly be removed.  Larry & Derry will investigate.

Old Business:
·       No old business

New Business:
·       Letters will go out soon to the residents regarding the Annual Meeting, Budget, Open Board Positions, etc.
·       Diana requested PSG to begin the process of taking bids for the following areas:
o   Painting (the residences on the interior loop are due to be painted next summer.  Garage doors will not be painted as most will have new maintenance-free doors by then or coming in the near future).
o   Mowing.  (Derry requested we get bids that specify push mowers are to be used in most front yards & between houses where space is limited).
o   Snow removal. 
·       One resident has requested approval to rent their unit under the “hardship” clause of the covenants.  The board has approved the request for the period of one year, at which time the approval will be reviewed again.  The owner must abide by all stipulations set for in the approval notice.
·       Larry E. is looking into window prices (wood vs. vinyl)
·       The board approved the rear door replacement at 217 Andrews.

The meeting ended at 6:11 pm.

The next meeting will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 9th at the Plainfield Library.

Via e-mail: Chestnut 9/13/19, Shrock & Schwegman 9/14/19, Laybold 9/16/19