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Friday, June 1, 2018

January 2018 Board Minutes

White Lick Homeowners
January 2018 Board Minutes

Board:  Stu Mason, Diana Laybold, Sheila Richardville

Management: Susan Keene Larry Edwards

The White Lick Board met on January 10, 2018, at the home of Diana Laybold.   The December financials were reviewed.  The Board approved moving $10,000 to the Money Market from the checking account.

     The homeowners at 256 Andrews requested permission to add a step and railing to the porch.  The committee approved this application by phone vote.  The Board concurred.

     Several homeowners were curious as to why there were no minutes for the Annual Minutes.   When you are participating in the meeting, it can be very hard to keep up.  Notes were available however, nothing was written in minute form.
     Management received 3 phone calls about clearing the sidewalks and steps.  No snow removal beging until there is 3”.
     Neighbors are complaining about Mr. Fedor and the junk he keeps outside his unit.  He also allows his dog to potty in other yards without cleaning up after it.  The attorney sent a certified letter, and Mr. Fedor’s response was not helpful.  Stu will get info from the police concerning Mr. Fedor’s threats to neighbors and workmen.

     The Board approved a motion for Management to solicit for bids for masonry on the chimneys.
     The following were appointed as officers for 2018:
     Stu Mason…President
     Diana Laybold…Secretary

The meeting was adjourned

Next Meeting:  February 12 @ Sheila Richardville (250) at 4:30
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