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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

May 2017 Board Minutes

White Lick Homeowners
May 2017 Board Minutes

Board:  Diana Laybold, Michael Downs, Sheila Richardson, George Cokinos, Diana Laybold, Derry Shrock

Management: Susan Keene Larry Edwards

Homeowner:  Jim O’Connor

The White Lick Board met on May 10, 2017, at the home of Diana Laybold.

The April 4, 2017 Special Meeting to vote on the proposed rental amendment was reconvened.   The final tally was 63 votes for approval; this met the 75% needed for change.  Stuart Mason and Diana Laybold signed the amendment for recording.  The meeting was adjourned. (Richardville-Laybold)

The April minutes were approved with the following changes:
   The garage sale is June 3, 2017.
   The Board has agreed to reseeding areas with no grass with topsoil, grass seed, and straw. 
The April financials were reviewed and approved.

     The Board feels as if no one is asking the Architectural committee for permission to make changes.  Homeowners are cutting down trees without any authorization.  This item should be well-represented in the newsletter.  The Board is considering guidelines for front porch lights (15”). Guidelines on storm doors are also needed.  Sheila Richardville, Michael Downs, and Diana Laybold will get together to discuss guidelines for any exterior changes.

     Diana Laybold ordered the yard sign for the garage sale.  It will be in place from May 31 to June 4.

     Mr. O’Connor attended the Board and asked for time to address the Board.  His concerns were with the contractors and PSG.  He first asked if PSG made any financial gains with the contractors.  (NO.)  He also felt that the Board should go out for bids with contractors who do quality work. (Bids are always accepted on large projects.)  Mr. O’Connor made the assumption that the contractors are not licensed and bonded, and the Board does not receive sealed bids.  He had some problem concerning the roofers who should have to reroof because the chimneys are moving and creating gaps.  (The Board has already addressed this problem.)
     Another problem Mr. O’Connor addressed was Larry talking to homeowners.  Larry tells them that we have the materials (i.e. windows), but months go by before anything happens.  Other areas of concern include:
…Roof leaks caused by the furnace pipes…The pipes were not glued and run approximately 35 feet in the garage.  When the pipes make a turn to go out the flue, condensate will form and cause a leak.
…Larry said that Sandoval couldn’t do the snow removal.  Mr O’Connor asked Sandoval about this and was told that he could do it.
…Property line stakes have been moved on the west side of the property.  The board may need to have the line resurveyed. (Duke Energy owns the property to the west.)
     The big mowers used by Sandoval are still scraping areas between houses especially next to Sheil Richardville.  The weed eaters are cutting down hostas and other non-weeds.  This mowing doesn’t seem to be getting better.  Perhaps the grass needs to be cut at 3” or higher.
     The new windows are delivered on May 8.  PSG will begin replacement on the east side.  Fogged glass is the responsibility of the homeowner.
     Sheila Richardville asked PSG for a bid to reseed the center east side of the complex.  This should not be a band-aid fix.  Give a price for a load of dirt, labor to level the area, seed and straw cost.

The meeting was adjourned

Next Meeting:  June 14 @ Michael Downs (210)
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