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Friday, September 16, 2016

July 2016 Board Minutes

Board:  Stu Mason, Sheila Richardville, George Cokinos, Diana Laybold, Derry Shrock

Management: Susan Keene Larry Edwards

The White Lick Board met on July 13, 2016, at the home of Derry Shrock.  The June minutes were approved. The June financial report was reviewed. 

     No PVC railing is allowed around the decks and steps of the condominiums.

     The White Lick picnic is scheduled for September 11, 2016, at 4:00.  The Association will provide pulled pork barbecue sandwiches and will ask the residents to pitch-in with their favorite dishes.  The Association will also provide place service.

      The Courtyards entrance needs to be weeded and cleaned up.

     Letters concerning weed cleanup will be sent to Abell’s (269 E), Basham’s (225), Schoen’s (227).  The homeowners at 218 have a dented garage door so any replacement will be at their cost.  A satellite dish has been installed on the roof at either 252 or 254 East.  The homeowner must place the dish in another location.
      The Board has approved a motion to begin collecting late fees of $25.00 monthly.  (Richardson-Shrock)  Management will supply a written collection agreement for the Board approval.  Homeowners must be notified before any collection procedure can be put into place.

     Management will try to get a firm date from Scott Tanner concerning document changes and lease/rental language in the documents.

     Is the Association responsible for replacing blinds when windows are replaced?  The Board voted to pay for the window replacement ONLY.  If blinds or currents need to be replaced, that will be up to the homeowner.  The homeowner is also responsible for painting the interior trim.  The Association will only replace window trim if it is damaged during removal.

     The Board discussed how to nominate homeowners for the Board election since nominations will not be taken from the floor at the Annual Meeting.  Diana Laybold will research who is up for election this year.  The Board also approved asking Michael Downs to replace Candace Jackson on the Board.

The meeting was adjourned

Next Meeting:  August 10 @ Derry Shrock (214 East)
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