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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

February 2019 Board Minutes

White Lick Home Owners Association Board Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2019
Plainfield Public Library

Board members in attendance: Stu Mason, Diana Laybold, Susan Chestnut, Tom Lee
Property Service Management Group staff in attendance:  Susan Keene, Larry Edwards
Four residents in attendance.

Meeting was called to order at 4:32 PM by Stu Mason.

January minutes were approved via e-mail.

Financial Report:
Susan Keene went over the January Finance report & reported that Indiana Farmer’s insurance has requested to submit a bid for White Lick Coverage.
·       Susan Chestnut questioned Larry Edwards about the labor charges for installation of one window at 205 Andrews, as charges were not broken down on the invoice.  She also requested to see the price breakdown of the windows.  Larry E. is to get this information for her. 

·       Larry E. updated on the issue of providing ice melt to residents.   He said many residents request ice melt while they are removing the snow, so he provides it to them at no charge to the HOA.  Susan C. requested that he show the services he provides at no charge on his invoices so the board can get the whole picture of his services and not just of those services he charges for.

·       Susan C. asked about PSG’s labor rate charges and charges from outside companies for shoveling the snow around the mailboxes.  She requested that Larry E. provide us a flat rate figure (as opposed to hourly charges) for future snow removal around the mailbox.  Tom Lee stressed that we needed to continue removing the snow & spreading ice melt at the mailboxes for our resident.  Stu Mason noted that we need to continue some of these practices as we have set the precedent and have done these in the past (i.e. snow removal at mailboxes & ice melt). 

·       Susan C. suggested that the board look at moving some of the reserve funds to an account providing a better interest rate.  Following some discussing, Diana Laybold made a motion that we move a large portion of the reserve to this account.  Tom Lee seconded the motion.  S.  Keene will handle the transfer.

Finance Report
·       Stu M. stated the financial report will stand as read noting that Susan C. did not approve the finance report due to the board not receiving itemized information.

Residents comments:
·       No residents requested to be on the agenda. 
·       Stu M. informed those attending of the attached guidelines for residents if they wish to address the board (attached at the bottom of these minutes).
·       Jim O’Connor requested to be on next month’s agenda.  He would like to discuss the property lines on the West side & the PUD.

Architecture Committee report:
·       Nothing to report.

Social Committee report:
·       Diana reported that she would like to be more vigilant when one of our neighbors/residents passes away.  She inquired about flowers, how to find out when a resident passes, etc.?  Unfortunately, we don’t often hear the news unless/until the family contacts Property Services Group.

Old Business:
Insurance coverage of our contractors.
·       Our contractor all have at least ½ million, several have one million.
·       S. Keene has contacted our #1 choice for next year.  They said they would come back for a 2nd leaf pickup but have yet to submit a quote.  Susan K. will update when she hears back.

New Business:
·       Some residents inquired as to why the sidewalks were not shoveled after the last few snow falls.  The guideline is 3” or more.  However, Stu M. suggested that this was somewhere the board might need to have some flexibility.  The board decided to deal with this on a case-by-case basis in the future.  The board will look at how much snow has fallen, the forecast for the next few days, and any other necessary factors.  They will then make the decision whether to have the walks shoveled.    
·       Stu suggested that he could become the point person for the ice melt for the residents.  Larry E. will drop off many bags of ice melt to be stored in Stu’s garage.  Residents can pick it up from Stu’s residence when they need it.
·       Tom L. offered to deliver a message to residents explaining the ice melt change & reminding residents to remove newspapers, mats at the front doors, or anything else that can hamper snow removal when snow is in the forecast.
·       Tom L.  brought attention to the driveway at 209 Andrews, which appears to be sinking.  It is cracked in several places and requires attention.
o   Larry E., Derry Schrock & Tom L. will go around the complex in the spring to make a list of the areas that need attention.  Taking that list to the contractor for a bid on cost to repair.

Motion was made to adjourn by Stu Mason
1st – Diana Laybold
2nd  - Susan Chestnut

Meeting adjourned at 5:33.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, March 13th at the Plainfield Library.

Guidelines for visitors:
1.     The board meeting is a time designated for the board and the management company to conduct the business of the community
2.     The board meeting is not a public forum for questions or discussion
3.     There are ways to communicate ideas and questions to the board, including:
a.     Engage an individual board member
b.     Contact management company office.  Comments will be brought to the meeting
c.     Call ahead of time to reserve a spot on the meeting agenda with a specified subject.  A time will be set aside for discussion on the subject.
       4.       Questions or discussion from visitors will not be entertained during the meeting.

Chestnut, Laybold & Lee, 2/15/19 via e-mail
Mason, 3/3/19 via e-mail
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