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Thursday, March 10, 2016

White Lick Ladies Group

The White Lick Ladies group meets monthly(the second Thursday of each month) to enjoy each others company, share stories, or pass around current pictures of their family! It is a great time had by all. Each month the group chooses a different place to eat. Any lady living in the White Lick Community on Andrews Boulevard is welcome to join the group. Someone from the group usually makes calls to see how many are going to make the reservations. If you would like to join in the fun and have your name put on the list, please call: Sheila Richardville at 839-8484 or 372-2510.

Ask your neighbor to come, too! If you need a ride, let Sheila know and we will be sure to get you a ride. Several in the group always meet around 11:00 in the driveways of 270/271 and carpool as well.
Please mark your calendar and attend this wonderful luncheon to be a part of the White Lick Ladies! Print this post