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Monday, May 6, 2019

April 2019 Board Minutes

White Lick Home Owners Association Board Meeting Minutes
April 10, 2019
Plainfield Public Library

Board members in attendance: Stu Mason, Susan Chestnut, Diana Laybold
Property Service Management Group staff in attendance:  Susan Keene, Larry Edwards
Two residents in attendance.

The meeting began @ 4:37.

March minutes were approved via e-mail.

Financial Report:
Susan Keene went over the March Finance report.  
March financials were approved.

Architectural Committee:
There was nothing to report.

Social Committee:
·       Diana reported that six additional residents have shown interest in the annual garage sale, making a total of eight.  The board agreed to purchase a sign for the event at a cost of $70.  The yard sale will be held Saturday,  June 1st.
·       Diana will send out a newsletter regarding the garage sale.  Susan C. asked that Diana include information in the newsletter about responsible recycling so residents know what is allowed and not allowed in the orange recycle bins.

Residents comments:
·       Susan K. report that a resident had contacted PSG upset that mowing had not started yet.  The mowers are set to begin sometime during the week of April 15th.
·       Jim O’Connor asked Larry Edwards for the plat paperwork with regard to the driveways & sidewalks.  Larry is to get that information to Jim.
·       Jim also asked about putting flowers at the entrance.  Diana will get a list of appropriate flowers to Jim so he can purchase them.  Diana volunteered to plant the flowers & Jim will water them.  This whole process had been done in the past by Phyllis Schrock.  Thank you Phyllis!

Old Business:
·       Stu asked Susan K. if we had heard back from the insurance company who showed interest in submitting a bid.  Susan K. had not heard back from them yet.
·       Susan C. inquired as to the tree removal and if that process is any further along.  Another resident has requested a tree removed since last month, so we now have three tree issues to address.  Larry E. will check with the tree service provider.

New Business:
·       There was no new business.

The meeting ended at 5:31.

The next meeting will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8th at the Plainfield Library.

Chestnut via e-mail: 4/12/19
Laybold via e-mail: 4/14/19
Mason via e-mail: 5/6/19
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